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About the farm

We are a small diversified farm that believes in a whole-systems approach, where everything done on the farm betters the environment, our lives, and the lives of our community. 

We also believe that small diverse farms have a positive role to play against climate change, by practicing regenerative agriculture.

About the farmers

We met in October of 2013 and a trip around Iceland in May of 2016 inspired us to start a small farm. It was the sense of community and self-sufficiency that touched us. 

Nestled just at the outer edge of Sawyerville, Quebec is where you can find us. Our 12 acre lot is slowly being transformed from what was once a horse pasture to what is now a diversified regenerative farm.  

Our backgrounds are varied. Samm having studied in Sciences and Jason in Business. Farming allows us to both be entrepreneurs as well as an integral part of the communities in which we belong.  


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Sammuel Tanguay & Jason Lessard

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