Frequently Asked Questions

Let's demystify a few things!

What does regenerative agriculture mean?

Regenerative agriculture is a farming approach that aims to rebuild topsoil and to prioritize the sequestration of carbon back into the soil. 
We build soil by capturing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and putting it back in the soil through plant growth and minimal soil work. 

Coincidentally this farming approach also favors the increase in biodiversity in the soil and outside the soil. 

What do you mean by whole-system approach?

In a conventional setting of agriculture we do not think about the impacts our actions may have on the environment, our health, or our community. 
When we take a whole system approach, we think about all the impacts our actions can have. Meaning that before any decision is made, we need to think about what kind of impact it will have on the whole-system. We base our decisions on what impact we will have on the environment, our health and our community.

Is our farm certified organic?

Our farm is not certified organic. Though, we can assure you that we do not use any chemical fertilizers,

insecticides, or pesticides. 
If you have any concerns, we welcome you to visit our farm at any time.

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